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Baby Boom

Part Four

~ Silver didn’t know what to do, his diaper was wet and now it was messy as well and he knew that Amy would come in and find out at any minute ~

Silver- Oy . . . I  . . . I got to get out of here . . . *Tries to climb out of the crib and fails yet again, he lands on his bottom * e.O...eeeewwwww...that is not right...

Amy- *Walks in*Silver, ^^ Time to wake up sleepyhead ^^  how was my little boy’s nap? ^^

Silver- *Pulls the blanket back over his head* ^Wait . . . did she just call me her “little boy?”e. O

Amy- *Pulls it off him* Ah, ah, ah, Nap time is ov- *Sniff, sniff* Silver . . . Did you “Oopsie?” ...

Silver- *Face starts to turn red* . . .

Amy- *Picks him up and looks down the back of his diaper* Oh my, I’ll say you did *Chuckles and walks over to the changing table*

Silver- o///o HEY!

Amy- *Lays him on the table*.  What?

Silver- *Squirms around*.  You can’t do this to me! o.o

Amy- I have to Silver *Opens up his diaper and lifts his legs* If I don’t you’re going to get a diaper rash and you’re bottom will hurt . . . *Starts wiping his bottom*

Silver- T_T . . . This stinks . . . I want to be back to normal . . .

Amy- I know, how about I ask Tails if he can come over, maybe he can think up a way to change you back . . .  *Finishes cleaning him up and pulls out a pink diaper*

Silver- Ok . . . Wait . . . is that pink?!?!?!?

Amy- * Slips it under him and tapes it up after adding some powder* Yep, Sorry, It was  the only kind the store I went to had left ^^; *Picks him up* Now, lets go for a walk ^^ * Places him in a stroller and pushes him the door*

Silver- o//o;;; BUT WHAT ABOUT TAILS!?!?!?!

~ Meanwhile after a bottle Molly finally got Sonic to settle down ~

Molly- *sits Sonic on her lap and wipes away the last of his tears*.  All better? ^^

~ Sonic sniffles and nods, he opens his mouth to say thank you but gibberish comes out ~

Sonic- o.o...

Molly- *Chuckles* You’re so cute ^^

Sonic- ^ Oy! ...Why can’t I talk?!?!? ^ *Tries again but still only says gibberish*

Molly- What is it? ...Do you need a change?

Sonic- *fights to try and say “No Molly” *. . . Nu. . .Mawy

Molly- . . . *Blink, blink*. . .  Did you just call me Mommy? ...

Sonic-Nu Mowy, Mawy! O.o

Molly- Hum . . . I guess I am your Mommy, now anyway ^^

Sonic- o.o;;;

Molly- Now . . . what should we do? Hum . . . Oh! *Gets up and takes Sonic into the bathroom* I think a bath would do you good ^^

Sonic- o.o NU! *starts struggling*

~ She sets him on the floor by the tub and starts the water, Sonic tries to crawl off but she had shut the door, he tries to think of a way out and was just about to try climbing to the doorknob when she picked him back up and sets him back by the tub, she takes his diaper off and holds him over the water ~

Molly- Don’t worry, you’ll feel great after a nice bath ^^

~ Sonic whimpered and struggles as she lowers him into the warm water, he started to tear up and try to get out~

Molly- *Starting to clean him with one hand while keeping him still with the other* Shh, shh you’re ok ^^

Sonic- *Being cleaned* T//_//T *Sniffles*

~ A few minutes later she takes him out of the water and wraps  him in a towel ~

Molly-See? ^^ that wasn't so bad was it? ^^..Hum,  I’ll get my hair dryer, it’ll make you a bit poofy but it will dry you faster the a towel ^^

Sonic- NU! ... Meh ...Nu . . . W  . . . Wan . . . be . . . pooy . . .

Molly- *Chuckles* Poofy Sweetie not pooy . . . and ok ^^ but you might get cold that way . . .

Sonic- *nods*

~ Sonic was finding it harder and harder to speak... he wasn’t sure why, he thought about it while Molly dried him off , a few minutes later He was in a new diaper and being tucked into a crib ~

Molly- Nap time sweetie ^^

Sonic- Nu! ..Meh . . . no . . . nweeds . . . A..nwap...meh...nots...a  . . . w. . .eal . . .  B.. b ... *Gibberish*

~ Sonic fought to keep talking but it was no use, he couldn’t  anymore...and starts crying out of frustration ~

Molly- *Strokes his head* Shh, shh, it’s ok, go to sleep...

~ Molly slips a binky into Sonic’s mouth to help him settle down, he started sucking on it even though he wanted to spit it out, Molly smiled and walks off leaving Sonic wondering why he was losing control and what would happen if he couldn’t get it back...Meanwhile, Shadow had been a royal pain ever since Speed got him back to the apartment, he broke three picture frames, one vase and almost knocked the tv over, She finally got him into a highchair after a few moments of fighting and got some baby food ready for him while he struggled to get free  ~

Speed-*Sitting in front of him with the food*  Please eat something Shadow...

Shadow- NO! I’m not going to eat that Baby slop!

Speed-*Sighs and rubs her forehead* have to eat something...

Shadow- Fine...I’ll have a stake with mashed potatoes...

Speed-*Rubs deeper*...Shadow...You don’t have any teeth...

Shadow- ....Run it through a blender...


Shadow- ......

Speed- *Scoops up some baby food and moves it to his mouth*.....


~ Shadow hits the spoon out of her hand and kicks the tray in front of him at the same time, the food goes flying  and lands in Speed’s face and on her head, seeing this Shadow starts to crack up ~

Speed-*Stands up fuming*  That’s it!

~ Speed cleans herself off, picks him up out of the high chair , sits down again and pulls his diaper down  ~

Shadow- Huh? What are you doing?? *Suddenly not laughing any more*

Speed- *Places him on his stomach over her lap* Something you didn’t get enough of when you were really a baby! You’ve been a brat since I found you, I’ve been  only trying to help!

Shadow- You call all this trying to he-

~ Speed starts spanking him, at first he just winces out of shock, but then he bears down and glares, Speed blinks then starts spanking harder and faster pretty soon Shadow’s bottom is bright red and he finally bursts out crying  ~

Shadow- *Crying*STOP!! PLEASE!!! STOP!!!!

~ The spankings slow and soften but she gives him five more good whacks ~

Speed-*Holds her hand ready*...Are you ready to be a good boy now?

Shadow- *Still crying* YES!

Speed-*Pulls his diaper back up and sits him on her laps* Good...*Sighs and wipes his tears away*...I’m sorry I had to do that Shadow...

Shadow-*Tears wiped,  still sniffling*

Speed-*Cradles him* But you need to know I’m only trying to help...I know this is hard for you and you want to get back to normal but you’re going to have to work with me at least a little ok?

~ Shadow Rubs his left eye as she Cradles him and nods  ~

Shadow- I...I’m sorry I b...broke all that s...stuff...

Speed-*Sighs again but grins* Its about you just finish your lunch and we forget all  about that?

~ Shadow nods again as she places him back in the highchair, she scoops up a spoonful and moves it near his mouth, he pauses then opens up and was surprised to find that it tasted pretty good  ~

Shadow- What is this stuff? *Opens his mouth for some more *

Speed-*Keeps feeding him* Its Mash turkey and gravy. Is it good?

~ Shadow keeps eating and nods slightly not really wanting to admit he liked the baby food  ~

Speed- *Smiles* Good, I’ll get more of it if you like ^^

Shadow- Uh...Speed?

Speed- Ya Shadow? *Wiping some food off his cheek*

Shadow-...I want to feed myself...

Speed- *Blinks* Well..I guess you can try *Hands him the spoon*

Shadow- Thank you...

~ Shadow scooped up a spoonful while Speed held the bowl, he moves it for his mouth but misses and dumps it on the tray barely missing his lap, he quickly looks up at Speed ~

Speed- Its ok ^^ . . . want to try again?

~ Shadow nodded and tried again and again and again but no matter what, he couldn’t make it to his mouth, he tried one more time and this time the food landed in his lap, Shadow starts tearing up and throws the spoon across the room* ~

Shadow- *glareing and crosses his arms sniffleing* Why can’t I feed myself?!?!? It's just holding a stupid spoon!!!

Speed- *Sighs and cleans him off* Shh, shh, it’s ok...It looks like your arms aren’t strong enough to feed yourself yet...

Shadow- *Cries* I’M USELESS!!!!!

Speed-*Pick him up and sits on the couch* You’re not useless Shadow . . . you’re just little . . . don’t worry, you’ll get back to normal and be able to do all that stuff again ^^

Shadow- W.When?!? *Sniffle*

Speed- Soon  ^^;; *Pulls out a bottle*

Shadow- *Frowns a bit* . . . D  . . . Do I really have to drink that? ....*sniffle*

Speed- *Nods* Yes, as long as you’re like this you have to . . . sorry *places the bottle at his mouth*

~ Shadow sighs and thinks of fighting but besides he doesn’t want to risk getting spanked again so he opens up and starts sucking on the bottle hoping the day he is back to normal is soon ~

Baby Boom

Part Five

~ Rouge walked calmly down the main hall of Robotnik’s base, she walks past three guard bot. posts and into the base’s main room ~

Robotnik- Ah, Miss Rouge, Thank you for dropping by . . .

Rouge- *Yawns and stretches her wings then leans against a desk* Ya, ya . . . Just tell me what this is about Eggman . . .

Robotnik- *Clears throat*.  Don’t waste your time do you? But very well, I am in need of more test subjects . . .

Rouge- *Left Eye Brow raises*.  And you want me to get some for you?

Robotnik- *Nods* Yes . . .

Rouge- I think  you have the wrong Bat Doctor . . . I’m not in the business of Kidnap . . . ing o.o

~ As she spoke four robots came in carrying the largest jewel she had ever seen ~

Rouge- *Jaw drops to the floor, looks to Robotnik and grins* . . . Doctor . . . You’ve got yourself a deal . . .

~Meanwhile Speed was setting Shadow on the floor after his lunch ~

Speed- I have to do some dishes now, so I want you to stay here and play for a while ok?

Shadow- *Sighs and crosses his arms looking away from her slightly*  . . . Fine . . .

Speed-*Smiles slightly, reaches down and ruffles the fur on his head* Thank you, I’ll go get you something to play with *Walks off*

Shadow- *Sighs again and smooths the fur on his head* . . . ^I guess she’s not so bad ^ . . .

Speed-*Walks back a moment later with a box of baby toys* Here we go ^^ *Sets the box down in front of him*

Shadow-*Blinks, looks in the box and sighs* . . . I don’t really feel like playing with any of this stuff . . .

Speed- . . . Hum . . . Well . . . You don’t have to play if you don’t want to I guess . . . I’ll just set this here . . .

~ Speed pulls the stuffed T-Rex out from behind her back, Shadow’s eyes grow wide and reaches for it, she smiles softly and hands it to him, Shadow smiles and hugs it, He then realizes what he was doing and throws the stuffed toy across the room ~

Shadow- I . . . I don’t want to play with theses stupid baby toys!!

~ Shadow looked like he was almost on the verge of tears, Speed sighed and picked the little black and red hedgehog back up ~

Speed- Shh, its ok Shadow . . .

Shadow- *Sniffles as tears start to roll down his cheeks* N  . . . No . . . I  . . . it’s not!!...I ... I’m s  . . . supposed to b  . . . be the U  . . . Ultimate l  . . . Life form! ...N ...Not s  . . . some w  . . . weak little baby that plays with stupid toys!

~ Speed placed him at her shoulder and starts rubbing his back trying to settle him down, from what Speed had heard about Shadow he hadn’t had much of,  if any childhood, for some reason he reminded her a lot of herself . . .  ~

Speed-*Rubbing his back *  Shh, Shh, Shadow, Playing with toys doesn’t make you weak . . .

Shadow- *calms down slightly*R. . . . really? ...

Speed- Yes . . . I know being like this is hard for you but . . . *Thinks for a moment* . . . Um . . . Try to think of it as training . . .

Shadow- *Rests his head on her shoulder* . . . F  . . . For what?

Speed- *Still rubbing his back* Um . . . uh . . . oh! For when you have kids of your own! ^^;

Shadow- *Looks up at her*: huh: ...

Speed- *Chuckles* . . . Never mind ^^; ...Think of it this way . . . I’m sure Maria played with toys when she was your age . . . ^^

Shadow- *Sniffles and blinks* . . .  I . . .  I never . . . T.  . . .  thought of that before . . .

Speed- *Smiles softly * Feel any better? . . .

Shadow- *Nods slightly* . . . T  . . . Thank you M.  . . . mo.  . . . Speed . . . *Hugs her*

Speed- *Blinks looking a little shocked then smiles and hugs him back* You’re welcome . . .  

~ Speed sets him down and strokes his head ~

Speed- I have to do the dishes now, you don’t have to play if you don’t want to

~ Shadow nods and Speed walks into the kitchen, Shadow looks over and crawls  to the T-rex, he takes it back over to the toy box and starts playing, meanwhile . . .  ~

Silver- *Strapped into a stroller and being pushed down a side walk * -///- Where are we going and when can I get out of this stupid  pink diaper? . . .

Amy- Were looking for Sonic and Shadow silly ^^ And I’ll change you  into one of the new white diapers the next time you go potty ^^

Silver- *Ears flatten and sighs, reaches up and pulls the stroller’s sunshade down so no one could see his face* I hate this . . .

Amy- Oh come on ^^ it’s not that bad, is it?

Silver- . . .

Amy- *sighs* I know what will make you feel better ^^

~ Amy stopped in a park, she unbuckled Silver and set him on the warm grass, she pulled out a large pink diaper bag from the basket under the stroller and took a jar of baby food out of it along with a fresh diaper and a bottle of milk ~

Amy- A nice lunch and a diapy change will help you get rid of the crankys ^^

~ Silver’s ears flatten again and he tries to crawl off, Amy just grabs him and sets him in front of her ~

Amy- Ah, ah, ah, You can play after your yum-yums ^^ *Stirring the jar of food*

Silver- . . . -_- I think I’m going to be si-

~ Amy pops a spoonful into his mouth ~

Silver-O_o MUMPHF! *Swallows* BLICK! What is that nasty stuff?!

Amy- Um . . . *Looks at the jar label* It’s strained Asparagus with mashed Brussel sprouts ^^

Silver- YUCK!

Amy- *Scoops up another spoonful* It’s very good for you ^^ *Moves it toward his mouth* open up ^^

Silver- *Frowns* NO!

~ The spoon glows light green then goes flying ~

Amy- *Gasps as the spoon is ripped from her hand* Silver! Stop it!

Silver- NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!

~ Items start glowing all around them then go flying, from twigs and rocks to the diaper bag and even the stroller!  Amy grabs him and tries to calm him down ~

Amy- Shh! Shh! Silver, settle down!

Silver- *Squirms to get out of her arms* NO AMY! I don’t want to eat the goop or wear diapers anymore!

Amy- But Silver, you need to -


~ Amy looked like someone had just stabbed her through the heart, Silver immediately stopped when he saw the look on her face ~

Silver- Amy . . . I  . . . I’m . . .

~ Amy says nothing, she sets the stroller back up and straps him into it, she takes him back home after grabbing the diaper bag, as she was takeing  him home Sonic was just waking up from the nap Maria had put him down for . . . ~

Sonic-*Sits up rubbing his eyes then looks around* ^ Wha? . . . Oh ya  . . . thought It was all just a dream for a sec  . . . huh?

~ Sonic feels strange, he looks down and sees a large wet spot on the front of his diaper ~

Sonic- ^ Oy! I. . . I wet myself?!?!? That’s Ssssssoooooo not right -. -. . .UHG . . . I’m going to have to ask Mama to change me . . . e. O  . . . hey . . . where is Mama? ..OY! I mean Molly! . . .  >. >;

~ Sonic looks around the room again and still couldn’t see her, he was just about to try calling for her when the door opens and Robotnik walks in ~

Robotnik- *Walks up to the crib with an evil grin* Why hello there Sonic . . . Maria is busy with some school work I’ve given her so you know what that means . . .

~ Sonic whimpers and backs up till he bumps into the crib's bars~

Robotnik- *Reaches in and grabs him by the scruff of his neck* Time to run some more tests!

~ Sonic whimpers and struggles to get free as Robotnik takes him out of the room and down the hall, he starts to tear up when he’s taken into the lab Maria had first saved him from, Robotnik rips his diaper off and forces him to lay flat on his stomach on the biobed, straps clasp over his little arms and legs to hold him down ~

Robotnik- *Walking over to the control panel * I’m so close to finding the reason for your speed, or at least a way to stop it

~ He hits a button and a robotic arm comes up in back of him with a small silver sphere ~

Robotnik - Before the tests begin I Think I should place a tracking device in you somewhere, you do have the annoying knack of getting away no matter what I do . . .

~ The small sphere is shoved up Sonic’s bottom, Sonic starts to cry ~

Robotnik *Chuckles evilly * Now lets start the tests . . .

~ More robotic arms came up and started doing things to Sonic, he cried and cried wanting Molly to come and save him again, a needle started to lower from the ceiling, it was filled with a strange green liquid ~

Sonic-*Sees it and starts crying harder* MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~ Later that night . . . Sonic was laying in his crib again . . . he was alive but hadn’t moved an inch from where Robotnik had placed him over an hour ago . . . he’s whole little body screamed in pain and he didn’t move, he just laid there looking to the side, still on his stomach . . . He was terrified  of Robontik  . . . he had never been afraid of him before . . . Robotnik  said that this would happen to him again  tomorrow when Molly was working on more stuff for school . . . Sonic whimpered at the thought of going though that torture again . . . Robotnik had taken skin samples, Blood Sample . . . sample of all kinds . . . and he kept injecting him with something, he didn’t know what it was or what it did he just knew he didn’t want to get Poked again . . . He wanted Molly . . . he wanted her to hold him and make him feel better and keep him safe from Robotnik  . . . he wanted his Mama . . . he didn’t care any more . . . ”Where’s Mama? ...why won’t she come? ...Mama . . . please . . . ” He started to finally fall asleep when the door opened, he started whimpering and crying afraid that Robotnik had come to hurt him even more . . . but it wasn’t Robotnik . . . ~

Sonic- . . . *Weakly* M...Mama! ..

Molly- *Walks in* I’m sorry I’m so late sweet . . .  

~She gasps and almost screams at the site of the bruised and cut little Hedgehog, she drops the books she was holding and runs over to pick him up~

Molly- . . . Oh . . . Oh my poor baby . . . * Cradles him and glares* . . . Grandfather . . .

Sonic-*Just cries and holds onto her saying “Mama” Over and over*

~ Molly feels that Sonic was wet for he had gone after Robotnik had brought him back, but  had not been put back into a diaper ~

Molly- *Walks over to the sink while stroking his head with one hand* It’s ok . . . it’s ok . . . Mama will make it all better . . .

~ She cleans Sonic up in the warm water, she washes the small cuts he had all over his body and dried him off, she gets him into a diaper and sits in a rocking chair with a bottle on a stand by her side ~

Sonic-*Still holding onto her tightly  and lightly cries* Mama . . . Mama . . .

Molly- *Rocks and rubs his back* Shh . . . shh . . . its ok . . . its ok . . . it’s over . . . you’re safe now . . .

~ Molly was angry . . . she didn’t care if Sonic had been her grandfather’s arch rival..and basically the only thing standing between him and total rule of the planet . . . he was hers now and he had hurt him . . . ~

Molly-* Gently puts the bottle of warm milk in Sonic’s mouth* . . . You don’t have to worry about him hurting you any more Sweetie . . . were leaving . . .

~ At Speed’s ~

T-Rex- *Stomping around* ROAR!...I AM THE ULTIMATE PREDATOR!

Triceratops- It is of no matter, I shall defeat you...

T-rex - Ha! I highly doubt that!

~ The T- rex springs through the air and lands on the herbivore’s back ~

Triceratops- UHG! Nnnnooooooo!!!!!

~ Speed stood in the kitchen door smiling and watching as Shadow giggled his little head off playing with his toys...he had to admit it was fun...and could almost remember Maria playing with him like this...~

Speed-*Walks over* I’m sorry Shadow but it’s time for bed

Shadow-*Looks up to her* Already?!?!..

Speed- Afraid so kiddo *Picks him up with the T - Rex *

Shadow- But what about dinner?

Speed- It's a little late so  I have a nice cold bottle all ready for you, Did you go potty?

Shadow- *Blushed and hesitated* No...>///>

Speed-*Takes him into her room where his new crib was and looked into his diaper just t make sure* Hum...Shadow...have you gone potty since I found you this morning?

Shadow- *Face reddens from her checking his diaper*..No >///>

Speed-...You haven’t been holding it have you? *Laying him in his crib*

Shadow- Nope, I just haven’t had to go...not that it's really any of your buisnes..>.>

Speed- Hum...I may have to do something you won’t like if you haven’t gone by the morning...*Tucks him in*

Shadow- Why?

Speed- Because not going is bad for your tummy *smiles as she pokes his stomach*

Shadow- *Can’t help but giggle slightly*

Speed- *Kisses his forehead and gives him his T-Rex and bottle*...Goodnight Shadow...

Shadow- Goodnight...*Large sleepy yawn *...Mommy...

~ Shadow was fast asleep and sucking on his bottle before he ever relized what he had called her or Speed had even turned off the lights, Speed smiled to herself then went to make herself some dinner....Meanwhile Silver was sitting in his crib crying...He felt awful...Amy hadn’t said two words to him since they got back from the park she only changed his diaper the next time he needed it and gave him his dinner....he didn’t mean to hurt her fact right now he wanted her to be his mother...Silver realized he was all alone with out her right now and she was just doing what she though was right...he wiped away some of his tears and crawled over to the bars on the right side of his crib, he could see the latch that kept the bars in place but couldn’t reach it...he shut his eyes still crying and focused on it, it slowly started to glow light green and flip open, Silver tries to slid down the bars to the floor but ends up falling and for once was glad he was wearing a diaper, her crawled out of the guest bedroom Amy had turned into his nursery and headed for her bedroom, once there he crawled to the side of her bed and after a few tries climbed up the side, he crawled over to her and snuggled up to her side , Amy’s eyes slowly opened, she  looked over and saw the little crying hedgehog...she put her arm around him and covered him with the blankets, Silver looked up at her with tears in his eyes then slowly fell asleep, Amy smiled softly and did the same~


Baby Boom

Part Six

~ 7:00 A.m., Angle Island, Tails’s workshop on the northern rim ~

Tails-*Sighs as he works on a strange looking gadget* . . . Man . . . I wish I had gone with Sonic . . . I’m bored . . .  

~ Knuckles had stopped by about an hour ago and now the young two-tailed fox was dying for some action, There was a sound at the door ~

Tails- Huh? ..*Gets up* Hello? Knuckles?

~ He walks over to the door and opens it, there was no one there ~

Tails- *Ears flatten slightly*  . . . Hello? ...Sonic? ...*Shrugs and shuts the door*

~ Something falls over and Tails jumps slightly ~

Tails- -. -; Oy . . . Why am I so jum-

~ Tails is knocked to the floor, his arms and legs are pulled behind his back and are tied before he knows what hit him, He tries to free himself by spinning his tails but they two have also been bound ~

Tails- WHAT’S GOING ON?!?!?!?

~ A Gag is shoved in his mouth just as his phone starts ringing ~

Tails- Mumfph!!!!

Rouge- Sorry about this Fox boy..*Starts dragging him out* But I just have to have that gem!

~ Meanwhile, Amy had woken up and was making breakfast as the little Silver hedgehog still slept in her bed, she had tried calling Tails but he wasn’t picking up ~

Amy- Strange . . . Oh Well ^^ He must be still sleeping . . . *takes some oatmeal out of the microwave and sets it on the table next to a plate of pancakes* Time to go wake sleepyhead up ^^

~ Amy goes back to her room and carefully picks Silver up, she decided it might be easier to change his diaper while he was asleep, after doing so she carried him to the kitchen where the smell of food slowly woke him up ~

Silver- Huh? ..*Rubs eyes* Where am I? ...what time is it?

Amy- Good morning ^^ You’re in the kitchen silly ^^ *Slips him into the highchair and grabs the bowl of oatmeal*.  And it’s 8:00, are you hungry?

Silver-*Eye slightly twitches* . . . Kind of hoped I was dreaming again . . . *Sighs and stomach rumbles*..>. >...Um . . . I am a little hungry . . . but only a little . . .

Amy- Sorry ^^; I hope you like oat meal*Scoops some up and moves the spoon near his mouth*

Silver-*Sighs again, look at the pancakes longingly but opens his mouth*

Amy- *Feeds him* How’s it taste?

Silver- *Swallows, and thinks how wired it is not having any teeth..* ......Kind of yummy . . . um..I mean good >. >;

Amy- *Grins and feeds him some more, she then places the bowl to the side and cuts off a small piece of pancake* Want some?

Silver- o.o YES! ..Real food! Please? =3

Amy- *chuckles and feeds some to him* Oh! I called Tails..

Silver-*Eats* . . . Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh . . . That tastes goooooooooddddd . . . ^^..Wait..You did?!?!?

Amy- *Nods and feeds him more* Yes, but he didn’t answer, so I’m going to try again later ok?

Silver- *Nods*..Ok . . . Oh . . . and Amy . . . I’m sorry for acting like a brat yesterday . . . *Looks down and fiddles with his bright blue bib*

Amy- *strokes his head*..It’s ok, I’m sorry too, I shouldn’t have treated you like a real baby . . . but Silver, you do have all the real needs of a real baby . . .

Silver-*Smiles slightly when she strokes his head then sighs* Ok . . .

Amy- *Grins* Now after breakfast its bath time ^^

Silver- o.o;;;..Oy vay . . .

~ Molly Carefully loads a backpack while Sonic slept, it had taken her almost two hours to calm him down, she still couldn’t believe her Grandfather had done that to him, She changed into a T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, something more suitable to wear instead of her normal blue and white dress when it comes to running away..~

Molly- *Throws her pack over her shoulders then walks over to Sonic’s crib and carefully picks him up* Time to go Sweetie . . .

~ Sonic wriggles slightly but doesn’t wake up, Molly pokes her head out oh her doorway then runs down the hall, hoping she wouldn’t run into Robotnik, She was lucky, her Grandfather was busy in the new Robot Factory on the far side of the base so she had no trouble, All the Gaurdbots were programed to listen to her so she made it out of the large base in a matter of minutes, Sonic finally started to wake up half way through the near by forest ~

Sonic-*Looks around* Mama?

Molly- *Looks down at him* Good morning Sonic ^^ are you hungry?

Sonic-*Blinks, nods* ^.  Where are we? ^

Molly- Ok then ^^

~ Molly stops by a small stream and sits on the grass, she sets Sonic down and takes her backpack off to get one of the bottles she brought ~

Sonic-*Crawls around slowly still sore from Robotnik’s tests* ^ Hum . . . well . . . at least were out of that big meanies base . . . ^ *Blinks* . . . ^Wait . . . what was his name? ....oy . . . I can’t remember . . . ^

Molly- *Picks him back up and cradles him* Breakfast time ^^

Sonic- :huh: *Picked up, Sucks on the bottle* ^^

Molly- *Sighs, but smiles* Were going to go live in Metro City for a while, Grandpa wont be able to find us there ^^ . . . ^ . . . At lest I hope not . . . ^

~Meanwhile..back at the ranch . . . (*Bricked*)~

Robotnik- So . . . Did you bring me new test Subjects Rouge? ....

Rouge- You bet doctor . . . *Opens the large bag she dragged in and the bound and gaged Tails tumbles out*

Tails- Mmmuuuppphhhfff!! Oo;

Robotnik-*Chuckles* Very good Rouge, he will do nicely . . . to start at least . . .

Tails- Oo;...Mumphf!..

Rouge- And he’s not all Doc . . . I had two of your walking tin cans drag Knuckles to a cell, hope you don’t mind *Smirks*

Robotnik- *Eye brows raise*..Impressive Rouge . . . very good . . . You certainly  have earned your pay *Presses a button*

~ A cage shoots up from the floor and closes above Rouge ~

Rouge- *Gasps* HEY! *Shakes the bars* What’s the meaning of this?!?!?

Robotnik- *Chuckles as two robots come in and pick the cage up* Silly little bat . . . Why should I give you that gem and let you go when I can keep it for myself and use you as a test subject also? ...

Rouge-*Being carried away* o.o..NO! I’LL GET YOU FOR THIS EGGMAN!!!!

Robotnik- I’m sure you will *Evil laugh*

~ Shadow had woken up before Speed and decided to play while he waited, he hadn’t gone to the bathroom and wondered what she was going to do with him . . . but that question soon faded as he grabbed his T-Rex, he liked playing it was fun, a few minutes later the phone was ringing and Speed was gone ~

Shadow-? :huh: Speed?

~ Shadow kept feeling like he sould be calling her "mommy" but that  was WAY  too strange,  and decided to try and resist it plus, he didn’t like the idea he was getting used to this whole being a baby thing, he wanted to be normal again! ...but . . . he was going to try to be nice to Speed, she was just helping after all . . . ~

Speed- *Walks in talking on a cordless phone *.  He won’t pick up huh? Ya, sure, I can go check on him if you can do me a favor ^^; ..Great! Well..Uh . . . you see..I’m kind of taking care of Shadow Oo; * Shouting can be heard from the phone* . . . Ow . . . my ears . . . wait..Ok great! Be there in a few minutes bye *Hits a button and it turns off, walks over to Shadow’s crib* Sorry about that, Good morning Shadow ^^

Shadow- *Blinks* Good morning , who  was that?...

Speed- Oh that was Amy, She asked if I could run to Angel island and check on Tails, so *Picks him up*.  Your going to have to stay with her for a few hours ^^; and she said she'd be hapy to keep an eye on you

Shadow- *picked up* Oo; WHA??!?!?!?!? NO!! NOT HER!!! She’s crazy!!! You can’t leave me with her!! She’s going to put me in a dress or something!!!! e.O

Speed- *Chuckles* oh please, Amy’s not THAT bad . . .  Now . . . Did you go potty last night?

Shadow- *Blushes slightly at her asking*..No

Speed- *Frowns slightly*..Hum . . . Ok . . . *Lays him on the changing table* I’m going to have to give you something Shadow . . . I want you to wait here ok?

Shadow- Um..Ok

~Shadow whatches  Speed walk off wondering what she is going to give him, Speed walks back a moment later with a pill bottle and a jar a Vaseline, She places the two items by him then takes his diaper off and lays him on his stomach~

Shadow- Huh?

~Speed takes a baby wipe, scoops up some of the Vaseline and rubs’ it on his bottom, she then takes out a pill from its bottle and puts it on its small inserter ~

Shadow- Oo; What are you do-

~ Speed Pushes the small inserter up his bottom ~

Shadow- o.o..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SPEED STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speed-*Pushes it in the rest of the way then pulls the inserter back out without the small pill* Sorry Shadow, but it’s not good for your tummy if you don’t go . . .^^;  *uses a new baby wipe to clean off his bottom and slips him into a new diaper*

Shadow- o/////////////////////////////o;;;;;;;;;; *Puts hands over his bottom* Don’t . . . ever . . . do..That . . . again . . . >/////>;

Speed- *Walks over to a dresser and pulls out some small clothes* Sorry Shadow, *Walks back over* Now, That pill is going to make you have a very messy diaper in about a half an hour . . .

Shadow- Oooyyyy!!! O///////o

Speed- *Puts some small white socks on his feet* But, there is some good news ^^;

Shadow- *Muffled as she pulls a red T-shirt over his head*.  There is?

Speed- Yep, By that time I’ll have left you at Amy’s ^^;

Shadow- -////-;;;Hahaha..*Picked up and strapped into a stroller*

Speed- ^^; Sorry

~ Speed Pushes Shadow out of the door after slipping some little shoes on him and takes him to Amy’s ~

Amy- Hello Speed! ^^ I want to thank you for doing this ^^

Speed- *Unbuckles Shadow and picks him up* No problem, I’ve been meaning to pay Tails a visit for Jets Anyway *Hands Shadow over to her* Here’s his diaper bag, I had to give him a pill because he’s been having trouble going potty . . .

Amy- Really? *Looks at Shadow*

~ Shadow’s face turns red and tries to glare and look menacing . . . ~

Amy-*Chuckles*.  Anything else I should know?

Speed- I don’t think . . . oh! *Pulls out Shadow’s T-Rex* This is his favorite toy, and if he gets cranky just put him down for a nap ^^

Amy- Will do ^^ Thanks again

~ Speed smiles, hugs Shadow then zooms out the door as Amy takes Shadow into the Guestroom/ Nursery and sets him on the floor with his toy ~

Amy- Now you two have fun ^^ *Walks out*

Shadow- “ You two?” ...

~ Shadow looks around and sees Silver sleeping on a play mat to the side of the door ~

Shadow- Oo; ...Silver?!?!?!

~Silver yawned and opened his eyes~

Silver-*Sitting up and rubbing  his eyes*.  What is it Momma?

Shadow-  o.o..”Momma” . . . BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Silver- Wha?!? O.o... SHADOW!?!?!?!?

~ Silver’s face turned red as Shadow laughed at him ~

Shadow- Your calling Amy “momma?”!?!?!? That’s pathetic!!!

Silver- *Ears flatten slightly as his  face turns a deeper shade of red*.  All right Shadow, Knock it off! AND I DON’T CALL AMY MOMMA!!!!

Shadow-*.  Slowly stops laughing*.  You don’t eh? Then who WHERE you calling “Momma” Hum?

~ Silver started to sweat slightly, the truth is he WAS thinking of Amy when he said momma but he couldn’t let Shadow know that! ~

Silver- Uh..My Real mother duh!

Shadow- Huh?

Silver- . . . Um..Well if you really must know I was dreaming of my real mom . . .

Shadow- Oh . . .

~ Shadow looked down for a moment, trying to think of what it’s like to have a real mom then saw Silver give a small sigh of relief when he thought Shadow wasn’t looking ~

Shadow- HEY! Your lying!! YOU WERE THINKING OF AMY!!! *Starts laughing again*

Silver-OOOOOOooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP!! least I’m not dragging a stuffed toy around *Smirks and starts laughing*

Shadow-*Stops* O.O

~Shadow had forgotten he was still holding his T-Rex, now it was his turn to start blushing~

Shadow-..Stop it Silver!!

( Boy . . . these two sure can bicker can’t they? >.> )

Silver- HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Shadow likes Teddy bears! Shadow likes Teddy bears! Shadow likes Teddy bears!

Shadow- *.  Slowly starts to tear up* I . . . I DO NOT!!!! And He’s not a Teddy bear!!!!

Silver-*Smirks even more* I thought you where supposed to be the  ultimate life-form not the ultimate Diaper boy, speaking of which, looks like someone needs a change *Snickers*

~Shadow looks down and sees a wet spot growing on the front of his diaper, With his wet diaper and Silver’s laughing Shadow couldn’t help him self, He throws his T-Rex at Silver as hard as he could and knocked him down ~

Shadow-*A tear rolls down one cheek* I TOLD Y...YOU TO STOP!!!

Silver- Oof!..*Looks at Shadow a bit shocked then glares* Your going to pay for that diaper boy!

~ Shadow regretted what he had done the moment he started to glow green ~

Shadow- Stop it Silver! *Starting to float off the floor* I MEAN IT!!!

Silver- Oh don’t worry.  I’ll put you down . . . in a bit  >=3

~Meanwhile Speed had arrived at Angel Island after making a quick stop at a friend’s to pick up a ride, Speed zoomed to Tail’s workshop in the blink of an eye to find the door still wide open~

Speed- Oy . . . Tails? ...*No answer* Miles?

~Speed walks inside and finds a chair and a few other things knocked over ~

Speed- . . . Oh man . . . I have a bad feeling . . .

~ Speed zooms out the door and to the other side of the island where Knuckles kept the Master Emerald, the Emerald was there but there was no sign of the red echidna ~

Speed- . . . Great . . . What happened? ....

~ Speed looked down and around on the ground and found a strange boot print ~

Speed- Opp . . . I know whom those belong too . . . but Why would she kidnap Knuckles and Tails? ...I mean Knuckles I can almost understand >. >...Anyway . . . I better tell Amy what I think happened . . .But why did she leave the Master Emerald?...*Zooms off*
more Sonic baby goodness ^^ Hope you all enjoy =3

Edit- Sorry everyone ^^; I goofed and forgot to post Captor Six ^^; Thanks goes to :iconvglgvn: for pointing this out ^^;;;;
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